Couple caught having sex on plane 'couldn't control themselves'
The incident took place on a Southwest plane to Las Vegas (Picture: AP)

A couple caught having sex on a plane bound for Las Vegas ‘couldn’t control themselves’.

The pair, who were on a Southwest Airlines flight form Atlanta, were told to cut it out but reportedly kept going at it.
The incident did not cause any delays and the plane landed ahead of schedule.Michael Oram, McCarran International Airport spokesman, told Fox 5: ‘Apparently, they just couldn’t control themselves. They were all over each other.’


The couple were not arrested, but a report has been sent to the FAA for investigation.

Couple caught having sex on plane 'couldn't control themselves'
The couple shocked passengers by  whipping off their underwear to have sex on board (Picture: SWNS)

It’s by no means the craziest plane sex story we’ve heard this year.

Back in June, a couple were filmed going at it in a plane seat. The Ryanair flight from Manchester in the UK saw a woman straddle the man an hour into the flight.

Shocked passengers jokingly asked one another if they had ‘a jelly’ or a condom.

When the flight left at 8.20pm, the couple were said to be ‘extremely drunk’.

A 21-year-old who filmed the encounter described the shock at watching the couple get it on.