Dr. E. Dewey Smith Celebrates As He Sends Two Son’s Out To Be Senior Pastors!!!

Spiritual fathers and sons is one of the most powerful truths in the Bible. It can be a source of great blessing if done properly by the Spirit of...

Spiritual fathers and sons is one of the most powerful truths in the Bible. It can be a source of great blessing if done properly by the Spirit of God. However, if done in the flesh, it can be one of the most damaging doctrines taught in the church. Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. continues to exemplify the healthy aspects of the subject and often addresses the error in the church that has great potential to hurt believers.

Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. has always been a very public father paternally and spiritually! If you follow him on IG you will see countless posts of him supporting his sons or congratulating them. He continues to train them and send them out to do the Kingdom work they have been called to do!

The terms spiritual fathers and spiritual sons are grounded in scripture. Paul referred to both Timothy and Titus as his “spiritual” sons (2 Tomothy 1:2, Titus 1:4). Paul also spoke in the spiritual sense of having fathers in the faith (1 Corinthians 4:15). We can examine other scriptures throughout the Bible, but these will be sufficient to prove that this subject is completely Biblical.

The role of a spiritual father is to raise up a son spiritually. A father will nurture and protect a son. The spiritual father will pour out knowledge, understanding, wisdom, counsel, and blessing to the son. A father’s primary goal is to make the son successful in knowing the Lord, and fulfilling the call of God on the son’s life. Spiritual father’s enjoy spending time with their sons not out of obligation, but because they are truly family. Father’s who are controlling are not fit to be spiritual fathers. Dr. Smith deals with this subject heavily in his Maximizing Your Ministry and One Day Summits! You have many that have been so wounded in this area both spiritual son’s and daughters it’s a subject that must continue and will probably never die! In the past two weeks, Dr. E. Dewey Smith released two of his spiritual son’s into full-time ministry as Senior Pastors. See his IG below:

I meet both of these guys when they were 15 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!! I have been their Pastor & Father-In-Ministry for over 25 YEARS!!! They have both been TREMENDOUS assets to my ministry!! They've served faithfully!!! After 25 YEARS OF SERVING with me, they BOTH will be Senior Pastors of their own congregations STARTING THIS MONTH!!!! Pastor Devon Ward (left) will launch the Victorious Life Bible Church in Lovejoy, GA & Pastor Nate Stewart is now the "Pastor-Elect" of the Greater Life Church in San Diego, CA!!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF THESE YOUNG MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm DEEPLY moved that God used me to help nurture, love & develop them for this moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are LIVING examples of how GOD HONORS SERVICE!!! Many young preachers want PROMOTION without PROCESS!!! Your GIFT will always make room for you!!!! These men prove that you should NEVER be dishonorable, conniving or backstabbing in service!!!! Remember…… if you will stay small enough long enough, God will make you big enough soon enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Legacy #Servanthood #ProudPastor #DevelopingLeaders #MentorshipMatters #BeSomebodysBridge

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Dr. Smith speaks highly of these young men and they have spoken the same of him. It’s an awesome thing when you can see spiritual parenting that works and the Kingdom gets blessed by the connection!!!

These are just a few of the examples of Dr. Smith training them and sending them out!!! Congratulations to both Pastor Nate Stewart and Pastor Devon Ward!!!




On January 11, 2015, ALL I had was WORD from God, an EIGHT (8) YEAR OLD vision, ZERO (0) MEMBERS & A TRUSTED SON IN MINISTRY! 100 DAYS LATER we have 600 committed members, FAITHFUL givers & a 41,000 square ft campus!!! GOD BE PRAISED!!!!!! This is possible because God sent this young man into my life when he was 12 years old! I'm so PROUD of his PERSON & gifts!! He's phenomenally gifted yet organically HUMBLE, wise beyond his years but TEACHABLE, independent but TRUSTWORTHY, young but APPRECIATIVE–hungry but still LOYAL!! I pray that God continues to use us to demonstrate AUTHENTIC "spiritual father-son/spiritual parent-child" relationship–1 of MUTUAL respect, love & partnership!!! I'm a BLESSED spiritual father! I pray that EVERY Pastor is given at least 1 son or daughter in their LIFETIME like @rwsharpejr! @hohmacon #ImSoBlessed #HeadSwimmingBlessings #StayFaithful #SmallEnoughLongEnough

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