United Airlines has done it again! Hip Hop Star new puppy put on the wrong flight

Oh man, United Airlines just screwed up again! This time they LOST a brand new puppy belonging to rapper ScHoolboy Q by putting it on the wrong flight. We’ve...

Oh man, United Airlines just screwed up again! This time they LOST a brand new puppy belonging to rapper ScHoolboy Q by putting it on the wrong flight. We’ve got the shocking details.

Can United Airlines do anything right? Their latest screwup is a total doozy and they managed to send hip hop star ScHoolboy Q, 30, the WRONG DOG and put his brand new puppy on a plane to a different city! The French Bulldog pup was supposed to be shipped on a flight from Denver to LA, but when the pooch arrived at his doorstep, it was the wrong animal! “You guys are idiots @united HOW U PUT MY DOG ON THE WRONG FLIGHT???? I need answers!” he tweeted on July 14, clearly pissed off that the newest addition to his family got lost by the airline.

He tells TMZ that fortunately the airline was able to locate his dog and promised to get it to him at his LA place by midnight, but he’s still really upset. He tells the website he’s thinking about suing the airline over the screwup. The adorable pup who he has already named Yeerndamean  — you can see a pic of him here — is joining his other two dogs, a Cane Corso named Halldale and Doberman called Figaro.

It’s just the latest PR disaster for United after a string of messes that have been keeping the airline in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The worst incident occured back on Apr. 9 when 71-year-old Dr. David Dao was removed from an overbooked flight so that an employee could have his seat from Chicago to Louisville, KY. He was taken off the aircraft with such force that it left him bloodied, and he suffered a concussion, a broken nose and broken teeth. The horrifying incident was caught on video and the poor man could he heard screaming in agony.

United has since reached a settlement with Dr. Dao and changed their policy on removing passengers already aboard aircrafts, but the bad press hasn’t stopped. A three-foot long bunny that was up for the World’s Largest Rabbit prize died aboard a UK to Chicago flight, infuriating the owner who said a vet check-up showed he was “fit as a fiddle” before takeoff on April 25. A mother of two with an overactive bladder came forward Apr. 10 to say flight attendants made her pee in a cup at her seat rather than let her use a restroom before the “unfasten seatbelts” light came on.

Yet another headache for the airline occurred when a 24-year-old handicapped Frenchman claimed that his specialized $42,000 wheelchair had allegedly been badly damaged and mangled by the airline on a July 3 flight from France to New Jersey, even posting pictures and video to Twitter. “This is how @united airline accompanies persons with disabilities,” Valentin Duthion wrote. Another week, another piece of bad P.R. for United.

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