EDITORIAL: ‘All Eyez on Me’ Made Me a Tupac Fan! Here’s why…

‘All Eyez on Me,’ the Tupac Shakur biopic, did justice to Pac’s legacy. Honestly it made me a fan of not only his music but his movement. Prior to...

‘All Eyez on Me,’ the Tupac Shakur biopic, did justice to Pac’s legacy. Honestly it made me a fan of not only his music but his movement. Prior to seeing the film, I thought of Tupac Shakur as a gangster who perpetuated gang violence and criminal activity. However, his story was so much more.

There was an entire movement behind the lyricism of Tupac Shakur. Intertwining Shakespearean culture in within his music while simultaneously painting a picture of the inner struggle of being successful, outspoken, and black in America.

In fact, the message in his movement continues to remain relevant today. The horrors of police brutality, drug use and teenage pregnancy permeate throughout our society. Tupac single-handedly bridged the gap between the Civil Rights Movement and the Hip Hop movement. Essentially fusing gang members and revolutionaries. Creating a group of individuals who weren’t punks but were also woke with the realities of society.

However, as the biopic depicted, Tupac Shakur was not perfect. Being caught up in the hip-hop lifestyle gave him all the tools he needed the hurt his legacy and place a target on his back. The film did a great job at clarifying several incidents that took place throughout Pac’s life. Prior to watching the film, I was on the fence about Pac. Due to my lack of research it was difficult for me to decipher whether he was a phony or the real deal. Then when I caught wind of his sexual abuse conviction, being that I have been raised by women for most of my life, I immediately gained a bias towards him. Which was an extremely unfair thing for me to do. The film showed the sequence on events and after doing my own research, there was no physical proof to incriminate Tupac Shakur of ever sexually assaulting the young woman.


The situation seemed like another example of the disenfranchisement that young African-American encounter within the criminal justice system. At the time, Tupac Shakur could not afford proper legal counsel, which put him at a disadvantage. Normally you don’t see rich people going to jail but I’m just saying. After watching the sequence of events I became at peace with that occurrence. Additionally, I honestly believe Pac was better than that.

Next, I have always been a huge fan of the Notorious B.I.G. Therefore, naturally when I heard that Tupac had an adulterous affair with Faith Evans I immediately felt disdain towards Tupac. I appreciate what the filmography was able to do for those hurtful rumors. Which was silence them. At the end of the day Tupac and Biggie were beefing. It was a competition B.I.G. dropped ‘Who Shot Ya’ and back couldn’t go like a sucker. Consequently, Pac retaliated with ‘Hit Em Up.’ The details are sketchy as to what transpired in the months following the diss tracks but it became clear that Faith Evans never had an affair with Tupac. She was simply a casualty at war.

‘All Eyez on Me’ accomplished its goal as a Tupac Shakur biopic. From a business standpoint, it surely broadened his brand. Twenty years later, his lyrics and message continues to influence young minds everyday. If Tupac were alive I believe he would be proud of the depiction of his life. It truly did him justice and turned me into a believer.

‘All Eyez on Me’ served its true purpose. It would be impossible to capture the revolutionary nature of his story with a hour and half film. What the film did accomplish was the sparking of interest. ‘All Eyez on Me’ made me want to do more research about Pac’s overarching goals and messages, and what he wanted to do for my people. I plan to help bring some of his visions to fruition. Each one reach one. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “anyone can be great because anyone can serve.” Tupac served our community with a vengeance.


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