Church in Atlanta is a BAR!!

This local Atlanta church might make you re think where you worship on Sunday mornings or any day of the week for that matter...

Is this what the practice of religion in the 21st century has succumb to? An Athens originated bar has brought their talents to Atlanta. This Atlanta, Ga church will be serving alcohol and has a humble staff of four bartenders. This risque church claims to be combating the age old concern of not being able to enjoy a drink.

On the website they are completely no holds barred. Saying things such as, “CHURCH changes on a daily basis so look around on your way upstairs at the latest reincarnation of today’s F*****-UP-NESS.” Also adding, “Church is open 365 days a year.” Then finally concluding by saying, “This is the real g**d*** church.”

What are your thoughts on this new business venture? Do you think it is honoring the name and word of God properly? We would love to hear from you! Join the conversation via Twitter @Joy105. Also visit this church’s website



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  • bob
    17 May 2017 at 9:21 am
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    Get your facts straight, Church [ the bar ] opened in Atlanta first, then opened in Athens. Secondly, it’s way better and more fun than going to a “real” church, to worship a mythical, supernatural space daddy, getting fleeced, and then told how to live your life.

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