WATCH: The Airline Industry Has Turned into UFC Training Grounds!! More Flight Chaos

It seems as though every time someone boards a flight, there’s almost always a fight.

Okay, we all get it. Traveling can be very stressful for everyone involved. From the pilot to the part-time physician trying to make it cross country to his children. This tense exercise called, “traveling” has been the manufacturer of an immense amount of disarray in 2017.

Tuesday, the traveling tension has increased. As two passengers decided to join the airline fight club mid-way between Japan and California. Witnesses believe the fisticuffs were a result of annoyance from their flight being delayed for two hours. Of course we know that people have things to do and people to see but is it ever really that serious?

I’ll let you be the judge, below is a clip from the fight:




















Would you have taken matters into your own hands just as these two men did or was there a more diplomatic approach? We would love to hear from you, join the conversation via Twitter and Instagram @Joy105.


Source: Hollywood Unlocked

Featured Image: People

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