Impact Church Shuts Down House of Hope Atlanta!!

Pastor James Cray stampeded into the House of Hope Atlanta sanctuary with a real world message from the Lord...

House of Hope Atlanta has always opened their doors to the church community, and continuously provided up and coming churches in and around the Atlanta with an opportunity to showcase their gifts. This Sunday, House of Hope Atlanta gave Impact Church out of Hazlehurst, Georgia a chance. Under the direction of Pastor James Cray, who has served the youth in the Christian community all his life, they young church began their spiritual sojourn a little less than a year ago. With experience serving the young adults at Morehouse and Spelman Colleges as well as youth pastor at House of Hope Atlanta, Pastor James Cray has garnered a following.

His message to the House of Hope community derived from Mathew 27:3-5, “When favor goes too far.” In this “right now” world that we live in, culminated with the immense use of social media, everyone is under constant watch by their followers. As we constantly search for the approval of others through “likes” we often get our needs ignored because people believe we will be fine. Pastor Cray says, “People sometimes overlook your condition because they see the favor on your life.” He continues, “More folk know you by your past than by your right now.” We must transcend our old images.

In relation to the bible,  Judas is known for his past. He sold Jesus out for about $3,000! Pastor Cray asserts, “One bad decision has the potential to change the whole trajectory of your life.” For Judas’ name comes from “praise” but we associate him with betrayal. Judas has favor on his life because: (1) He was connected to Jesus. Pastor Cray suggests, “Anytime you’re connected to Jesus, that Favor is present.” (2) Judas has favor on his life because he understands Jesus, and lastly. (3) Judas has favor on his life because he handles the money.

Pastor James Cray poses the question, “What happens when you’re connected, but you sell Jesus out?” He continues, “Just because your favor doesn’t look like someone else’s it doesn’t mean you don’t have favor!” You must learn how to be “okay” because you are connected. Pastor Cray suggests, “Learn to be okay with just being on the team. You have favor because you’re on the team.” He asks, “How many of us have assassinated Jesus to get a position?”

When favor goes too far: (1) You will have regrets. Every now and again, God will put you in a place where you’re gripped with remorse. Secondly, when favor goes too far, you will lose everything. Pastor Cray warns, “Be careful of people who use you to get what they can get.” Thirdly, when favor goes too far, you will commit spiritual suicide. He adds, “God sent Jesus to die on the cross so the felony can be voided out and the child can get paid.”

You better recognize. How many of us are glad Jesus voided our felony? In summation, Pastor Cray says, “When I look back over my life, my soul cries out Hallelujah!” Below is how Pastor James Cray ended his sermon:


Featured Image: SSMG/Hakim Wilson

Inset Image: SSMG/ Hakim Wilson


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