Dr. E. Dewey Smith’s Brother Preaches His First Sermon After Surviving Massive Stroke

Min. Corey V. Smith, brother of Dr. E. Dewey Smith, delivered his first sermon ever on yesterday, April 23, 2017. The message was delivered at Global Impact Christian Ministries...

Min. Corey V. Smith, brother of Dr. E. Dewey Smith, delivered his first sermon ever on yesterday, April 23, 2017. The message was delivered at Global Impact Christian Ministries in Stockbridge, GA, where Min. Corey has served for several years under the leadership of Pastor Spencer O’Neal.

A native of Macon, GA, Minister Corey has joined a host of preachers in his family, including his grandfather and father. During his message, this University of GA graduate reflected on feeling compelled to preach the Gospel at the age of 19, but failing to surrender to the call because of unbelief and his desire to pursue another vocation.    Instead of preaching the Gospel, Min. Smith finished his education and walked in the shoes of his mother by becoming an Educator.

Although he felt the unction to preach the Gospel, Min. Corey tried to satiate that compelling by being involved in other aspects of ministry. He became seriously engaged in the Media and Marketing ministries at both of his brother’s congregations for 12 years before moving from Atlanta to the DMV area 5 years ago.

Min. Corey preached very passionately and transparently from John 20:24 from the title “What Next?”. In this message he took a rare but detailed look at the life of the disciple Thomas before and after the death of Jesus. Thomas’ life was very impacting on and parallel in many ways to Smith’s life because they both struggled after dealing with death and grief. Smith recalled the devastation of losing his baby brother and best friend, Alvy, at age 27 in 2007 and the deaths of his mother and sister in a 3 week span in 2016. Less than one week after burying his sister last January, Min. Corey had a massive stroke that according to his doctors, has left him with permanent brain damage as well as vision loss and physical limitations.
Min. Smith’s message encouraged and inspired the faiths of the congregants who had filled every seat in the sanctuary. He was determined to use his experiences and tremendous biblical insights to challenge the audience to keep their faiths in the power of the “resurrected Christ” and to always use their testimony to bless other people.

Min. Smith had several members of his family present to witness his initial sermon given at 10am, including his brother, Dr. E. Dewey Smith, who only attended the 7:30am service at his own parish, The House of Hope Atlanta.
Dr. Smith was deeply moved by his younger brother’s message and was tremendously grateful that God spared his brother’s life last year. Dr. Smith stated, “I’ve known for many years that Corey had a call on his life and we have spoken about this with great detail and at great lengths. Although we have ntt spoken about this for several years, I felt that his own health challenges would be the impetus for his obedience. I’m proud of him and just wish my mother was alive to witness him preaching. This is something that my mother knew would happen too!”

Although Min. Corey’s career in education as a Teacher and Administrator has been put on hold since his physical challenges last year, it’s obvious that God has even more plans for him. Min. Corey was honest in sharing his hatred and fear of public speaking but no one in the audience could tell it was his first public message. He delivered with an uncanny poise and was a tremendous blessing to the audience.
May God continue to bless Min. Corey and Global Impact Christian Ministries as we all look forward to “Now What”?

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