Homeless couple rather live in a tent than in a shelter

Homeless couple rather live in a tent than in a shelter

This homeless couple really puts the “camp” in encampment.

Two vagrants recently began living out of a tent in Midtown Manhattan — and are so happy with their new home they’re literally dancing in the street.

Ronald and Jermaine Wright, who met while panhandling on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village and are now married, said they found the red-and-blue fabric shelter in a trash bin about a week ago.

They set it up in front of a vacant lot and under a tree on East 30th Street because the site is “secluded,” said Ronald, 54.

“This is a new spot for us,” said Jermaine, 40, who added that before finding the tent, he and Ronald just bedded down on pieces of cardboard, wrapped up in blankets or a tarp.

Ronald said they have applied for an apartment through Breaking Ground, a nonprofit that provides “supportive housing” to chronically homeless people.

But in the meantime, the couple said they preferred the solitude and safety of their tent to the city’s shelter system.

“Shelters, they got crackheads, they got dope fiends,” Jermaine said.

“I’m just trying to, you know, be somewhere safe. An environment where I don’t have to worry about missing my stuff.”

When not out begging for spare change, the men spend their time listening to music — usually gospel, hip-hop and “slow-jam” blues — on a battery-powered radio, and dancing with each other.

They even broke into an impromptu cha-cha while speaking with The Post.

Source: NY Post ( Stephanie Pagones and Bruce Golding)

Photo Credit: The Wirecutter

Photo Credit: NY Post

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