BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Heartbreaking Video Of Black Doctor Suffering With COVID19 Saying She Was Being Mistreated Before She Died

Dr. Susan Moore is dead from COVID-19 after claiming she was mistreated at an Indiana hospital simply because of the color of her skin.

Dr. Moore, who is Black, died Sunday … according to her family.

Dr. Moore, a physician herself, was diagnosed with COVID-19 back on Nov. 29 and was hospitalized at Indiana University Health North Hospital in Carmel, where she claimed hospital staff made her beg for a CT scan and meds.

Dr. Moore posted video earlier this month claiming doctors at IU Health tried sending her home despite her positive COVID diagnosis … and she said hospital staff made her feel like a drug addict even though they knew she was a physician.

When Dr. Moore finally got a CT scan, she claims doctors discovered damage to her lungs … but she says that didn’t stop them from withholding pain medication for hours on end.

Dr. Moore believed she would have received better treatment if she were white. BTW … she didn’t buy a nurse’s story about marching with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now, she’s dead at 52.

We reached out to IU Health. So far, no word back.


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