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Georgia Baptist Church Has Been Disfellowshipped From The Southern Baptist For Accepting A Gay Family

Towne View Baptist Church in Kennesaw was disfellowshipped from the convention over the 2019 decision.

A Kennesaw church was kicked out of the Southern Baptist Convention, the convention’s official news service announced Tuesday, over what it termed “affirming homosexuality.”

Towne View Baptist Church was disfellowshipped from the convention, the SBC’s Baptist Press news service reported, for a 2019 decision to accept a gay couple and their children into the church.

“Towne View made the decision to accept a male homosexual couple with their three adopted sons who sought membership there in Oct. 2019,” Baptist Press reported.

The church’s pastor, Jim Conrad, said the church lost 30% of its membership at the time over the decision, but stood by it.

“We see them as all of us,” he told Baptist Press, referring to LGBT individuals. “As children of God created in the image of God, and anyone who can profess Jesus as Lord should be welcomed into our church.”

The pastor said the church regretted the SBC decision, adding: “We are grateful for our relationship with the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention over the history of our church, and we remain committed to share God’s love in and through Jesus with everybody and to welcome anybody who can profess Jesus as Lord into the fellowship of our church.”

According to its website, Towne View pledges it will not “limit our outreach to only those of one particular age, background, race, heritage, or socio- economic status,” believing “the church should reach and reflect its community.”

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