BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Gayle King Announced That Her Daughter Kirby Is Now Married!

Gayle King’s daughterKirby Bumpus, is married to a Hill aide Virgil Miller, the chief of staff to Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.). Gayle, shared on CBS This Morning that she has been holding the news since she returned from the Christmas break, but Kirby asked her to wait until she shared it with her friends first.

Gayle shared the wedding was held at Oprah’s house. She said since Oprah is very strict about the covid19 restrictions her and her son Will were not allowed in the main house where Kirby got dressed.

Kirby’s new husband is the one next to her.

Gayle was not allowed to hug Kirby, zip her dress or any of the things a Mom dreams of doing on her daughters wedding day. She shared Oprah had to zip the dress. Most of us would not have been able to handle those arrangements. We wish the newlyweds must success and pure happiness!

In an Instagram post, King gushed over the news. “Guess what happened to @fav daughter … yep @kirbybump is ENGAGED!” she wrote. “Welcome to the family VIRGIL MILLER!”

King posted a video of herself and her son, Will, surprising the happy couple, as well as several pictures of Bumpus — who happens to be the goddaughter of King’s bestie, Oprah Winfrey — showing off her new ring.

Bumpus, a 32-year-old health educator, posted one of the same pictures of herself and Miller, 37, on her Instagram account. “Here. WE. Go!” she captioned it, adding a few hashtags, including one poking fun at her mom for being the one to break the news on social media: “#PleaseTellMeHowMyMommaPostedBeforeIDid.”

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