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Former Pastor Shares Why She Does Not Preach In The Church Anymore, Her Style Of Dress And More

Wynter Patterson is no-holds barred about her decisions for her life. She shares in an interview that she no longer preaches in the church and how God has given her a much bigger platform. She is a part of the cast of a reality show called “Ready To Love”.

During the interview she answered questions about other cast on the show. Questions came in as to whether she has slept with another cast member and she was clear to share, “she is 40 and grown, grown”. She shared in that incidents she had not, but if it were so she would have told you!

Wynter continued to share that many get lost in the church! She shares she is divorced and grown. Many have questioned her dress with the title “pastor” on her name and she makes no apology for living her life the way she chooses.

Wynter Patterson is a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, but raised in Houston, Texas. She has been married before and has no children. Her personality is a standout, as well as her curves. On the season premiere, her “orange dress” was a conversation piece among the men. We want to know, did she find love?

Q: When it comes to dating – specifically in Houston. What has been your challenge?

A: My challenges were meeting men who were looking for the same things out of a relationship that I was and who possessed the qualities I was looking for in a man. Since the pandemic, it is a challenge for many people since our social lives have been restricted and you aren’t meeting men in the same environment you normally would. I give people who use dating apps credit because I would NOT use a dating app ever again after some of the interesting experiences I had in the past.

Q: Before going on the show, did you feel there really weren’t any good brothers or sisters around?

A: No, I felt that there was potential in a lot of men out there however, I didn’t have the opportunity to meet men who were specifically ready to find love.

Q: We noticed that many of the men were “rocked up” or muscle bound…or the women were a little dolled up on the “glam” side…Do you feel the show was LACKING the presence of the AVERAGE JOE or JOANN? (Be real…we want you to consider all the people who are walking around every day looking for love.)

A: I feel like there was a good range of people on both the men and the women side of the show. We were a really good-looking cast and I was very thankful to be a part of such a number of beautiful people.

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