Former Love And Hip Hop Stars In A Serious Benzino And Althea Are In A Serious Social Media Brawl!

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I guess this was my fault too… 🤷🏽‍♀️ jealously is one heal of a disease 🤡 and you got it bad. You dishonor me and now you wanna sue me. This pic been on the gram for years. I wasn’t with you then but this shows the level your on. You take my words reuse them and reverse it on me a true Narcissist….. then was begging for my forgiveness what a joke. I will never look at you again. I will never be in the same rooms as you. Can’t fight with a person who has nothing to lose … You lost it all ! @narcissistrecovery @narcissistic_abuse_is_real @narcaware_survival @nar_over @narcinon @narcissistic_abuse_lifecoach @narcopath__awareness ….. read up on it. It’s real and deadly to anyone’s life who is dealing with a narcissist man or women

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She had already admitted that her father wasn’t in her life and threw him under the bus. She has already admitted that her mother left her at a young age to pursue a singing career. She was suppose to go on #iyanlafixmylife to get help. When she was on marriage boot camp she also refused the help. To all the women from the Bitter Broken Woman Coalition, who come on my page with their twisted opinions just know the person who you are sticking up for. If @iyanlavanzant couldn’t get a break through then nobody will, but hey when you’re trying to sell music then I guess all tv is good tv. 🤷🏽‍♂️ FAME IS A DISEASE, the sad truth is some of you women have serious resentment issues because of your own father bailing out on you so you carry the anger with you all your life without seeking the proper help to fix the problem. Yes this is a subject that gets swept under the rug in our community. It affects many families in our communities and it reeks havoc on lives everywhere and unless it’s talked about it will never end. At the end of the day if it’s about zino and I’m doing an AMAZING JOB raising him. So save all that “both of y’all” talk. I haven’t done anything wrong. And to the BBWC, stop taking your frustrations out on me and go get the counseling you need. And to those who say get off social media, then y’all need to get off social media trolling and commenting, y’all are the biggest instigators and hypercrites (drops 🎤) #sorrybutnotsorry

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