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Florida Pastor Is In A Coma With Delta Variant Church Is Asking For Prayers

An Orlando mother, who is also a beloved pastor, is in a coma after contracting coronavirus.

Sheila J. Spencer is pastor at Time of Refreshing Christian Worship Center in Orlando. Her condition is now taking a toll on both her family and congregation.Advertisement

Meka Davis and Kelley Spencer spoke to WESH 2 about their mother. Sheila’s cousin, Delaney McGill also spoke to us about how much she means to the community.

“She’s prayed for so many people, and they’re now praying for her,” Davis said.

They say Sheila Spencer is now in the hospital with COVID-19 after feeling symptoms just this past weekend. They said doctors told them it is the delta variant, adding that she is now in a medically induced coma.

“We’ve never seen our mom sick like that,” Davis said.

“She’s just crashing. They made a decision, with my approval, to go ahead and sedate her and put her on a ventilator,” Spencer said.

Her family said before getting sick, she took precautions.

“My mom has been a big stickler on wearing masks, and hand sanitizer,” Davis said.

Davis also said her mother had picked a date to get the vaccine, but got COVID-19 before she could get vaccinated.

“Her and my sister had just made appointments on that Wednesday to go get vaccinated and she got it over the weekend. So she had an appointment on the calendar to get vaccinated and it’s just crazy,” Davis said.

“Pushes me more. I’m telling more people the importance of getting the vaccination. It’s a daily conversation for me now. I share my story. This is no joke, it’s serious,” Kelley Spencer said.

Now, every week while Sheila fights to get better, her family and church family say they will pray for her at the hospital where she is staying.

“It’s such an insidious disease,” McGill said.

“It’s literally in God’s hands. One thing I do know is that she is a fighter,” Davis said.

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