Everyone wished Kim a Happy Birthday except Kylie!

“You’re so special, you’re sweet, you’re kind, you’re loving and we’re blessed to have you in our lives,” Tiegen and Legend gushed, and then the EGOT winner sang “Happy...

“You’re so special, you’re sweet, you’re kind, you’re loving and we’re blessed to have you in our lives,” Tiegen and Legend gushed, and then the EGOT winner sang “Happy Birthday” to her.

Kim revealed her favorite episode was from her engagementOpens a New Window. to Kanye WestOpens a New Window. in 2013 on her birthday, which was the surprise proposal at the baseball stadium in San Francisco.

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“Kanye at that point didn’t really like to be on our show,” Kim said about the shocking engagement that was filmed for KUWTK. “He was always really private. When I saw my whole family and I saw the cameras I was so shocked and so excited and happy and it was all so much fun.”

In between the actual episode, friendsOpens a New Window. and family celebrated Kim on her birthday, but not her youngest sister Kylie, 21.

“What the thing you admire most about Kim?” her family members were asked.’

“The way she has blossomed into this fabulous mom,” momager Kris JennerOpens a New Window. said.

“How dedicated to her job she is but also keeping that balance between her children and her jobOpens a New Window.,” Kendall JennerOpens a New Window. gushed about her older sister.

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“Kim’s ability to do anything and everything she puts her mind to,” Khloe KardashianOpens a New Window. explained about her big sis.

“She really prioritizes what’s important to herOpens a New Window.,” her older sister Kourtney KardashianOpens a New Window. said.

“With all the work and all the fame, she is still able to have time for the people she cares about and loves, which is her family. And that’s really her main concern and I’m sure there are people that think she doesn’t spend as much time with anyone and they are wrong,” Kourtney’s baby daddy Scott DisickOpens a New Window. said.

Disick was comedy relief, as always, saying: “We all know you’re almost 40 and you look almost 20. Happy dirty 38th.”

He also revealed a secret about Kim’s shocking internet past, confessing that he and Kim would get on Chat Roulette and she would get wild. “Kim would flash them or take off her shirtOpens a New Window. on Chat Roulette. We had a very good time doing it.”

He also joked about Kim being the leader of the family. “Kim please keep up the good work. Because without your work ethic that means I probably won’t make as much money. So stay strong and thirsty out there my friend, I love you!”

Kendall, 22, also joked about her sister, saying: “Happy 38th. You look amazing, not a day over 38th. So, kidding. Don’t hate me!”

Still, where was KylieOpens a New Window.?

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Apart from the main family members, a slew of celebs and friendsOpens a New Window.made special cameos on the episode.

Kim’s best friend, Jonathan ChebanOpens a New Window.of course gave a shout out. “What’s up Kim? It’s the Foodgod and I just want to wish you a very very happy birthday. You’re an amazing person and amazing best friend and I wish you everything and more. You already have everything and more I don’t even know what else you could get. I think this is my 14th happy birthday with you and I want to have 50 more. I love you. Happy Birthday.”

“Hi Kim. It’s Ellen DeGeneresOpens a New Window.,” the talk show host deadpanned. “I’m making this message because a little birdie told me it was your birthday. And by a little birdie I mean my assistant. That’s why I call him, my little birdie. ‘Good morning my little birdie,’ that’s what I say to him. Anyway, he told me that you’re turning 38. Well, that is a lot. When I was 38 I was still in the closet. So there is still hope for you yet. Maybe one day. For your birthday I am sending you a lot of warmth and kindness. Kindness would have been a good name for your baby. Kindness Kardashian. You could shorten it to Kind. Love you Kim, happy birthday. Whatever present you love the most and it is your favorite, it is from me, I hope you like it.”

Ryan SeacrestOpens a New Window. and Kelly Ripa had their whole audience wish her a happy birthday. “Hi Kim, it’s Ryan,” and Ripa yelled: “Hi Kim, I love you!” Seacrest, the executive producer of KUWTK continued: “Happy birthday. You are a legend in our minds and everybody here would like to say the same.

Kim said her ideal birthday party would be just family and people from her past. “My dad and my grandparents, it would be fun to celebrate with them now,” she said about those close to her that had passed away.

Busy Phillips, the host of an upcoming show on E! also gave Kim a shout out. “You are such an inspiration because you’re a devoted mother and you’re so hard working and you do it with a full face of makeupOpens a New Window.. I don’t know how you do it girl.”

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Late night talk show host Jimmy FallonOpens a New Window. did his video with a bunny ears filter and said: “Wishing you the happiest, hoppiest birthday.”

Lala AnthonyOpens a New Window. sweetly said: “I hope you’re somewhere getting your feet rubbed, your back massages because you deserve it. Love you.”

Khadijah and Malika together said: “We just want to let you know we love you Kimmie. We love you so so much! Keep being fabulous girl!”

WAGS LA stars Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson wished Kim a happy birthday, saying: “Hope it’s your best yet.”

“Happy birthday, Kim! I love you so much,” BFF Larsa Pippen said. “I can’t imagine life without you. I talk to you 10,000 times a day and every time I hang up I miss you. You’re an amazing mom and an amazing entrepreneur. We’re going to have the best stories when we’re like 90 years old.”

While neither Rob Kardashian nor Caitlyn Jenner appeared on the show to wish Kim a happy birthday, Kylie’s absence was much more shocking.

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