Elana Meyers Taylor pushes through Achilles heel pain to win silver

She was in pain, but she handled it like a boss.

PYEOUNGCHANG, SOUTH KOREA – 11Alive’s own Cheryl Preheim got a chance to catch up with the awesome U.S.A. two-woman bobsled team brought home the silver and they’re darn proud of it.

Elana Meyers Taylor and Lauren Gibbs spoke with Preheim on their medal win and how proud they were of the results

“Yeah, you know, we wanted to celebrate every single moment of this. Maybe not the best idea as my Achilles is a little stiff now, but you know, like I said, we’re going to enjoy every single second,” Meyers Taylor said.

Meyers Taylor’s stiff Achilles is due to her and her teammate, Gibbs, jumping up on the podium after receiving their medals.

According to Meyers Taylor, her heel had been giving her grief during the bobsled event but she pushed through the pain, like a boss.

“As we went through the runs, it got progressively worse. The last run was pretty difficult but you know, you had to go out there and give it all you had and Lauren pushed us great and I’m super stoked for this medal.”

Congratulations to these ladies and get well soon Elana!



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