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Eighth grader dies one-day after testing positive for COVID-19 in Mississippi

A Mississippi community is in mourning after a teenager dies from COVID-19.

Mkayla robinson passed away one-day after her diagnosis.

She’s being remembered fondly by family and friends.

“It’s a reality now more so than ever,” Dr. Strick Strickland, a family friend said.

Family friend and pastor, Dr. Strick Strickland says the death of 13-year-old Mkayla Robinson is a painful and shocking truth for her family, friends and the smith county community.

Mkayla attended raleigh high school where she was an honor student and was described as “the perfect student” and that “every teacher loved her and wanted 30 more just like her.”

She also played the flute.

“Just this tragedy set all of us back. It’s something that we all feel,” Strickland said. “It’s a fear that all of us wake up to and have to face the reality of when we walk our children to the bus stop in the morning.”

The family says Mkayla developed a sore throat and stayed home from school Thursday and Friday.

She was diagnosed with the virus Friday.

Mkayla passed away Saturday.

“That was sad that happened to that child,” Erica Epting, a Raleigh High School parent said.

Epting has two children at raleigh high school and believes all students should be vaccinated and wear masks at all times.

“I thought it was sad because he child had gone to the hospital, but they sent her home that same evening knowing she was sick,” she said. “They should have sent her to a hospital to get her some help.”

Parents are praying for the family and are concerned about their children’s safety.

The school’s former band director lost his battle with COVID-19 just weeks ago.

His wife also died from the virus days later.

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