BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Congregation Celebrates Their Pastor Hospitalized Since Nov. 2020 Is Now Home

A Chesterfield pastor received a hero’s welcome home Friday after a months-long battle with coronavirus.

Back on Nov. 10, Pastor Pedro Guizar had to be admitted into St. Francis Hospital where he was in an induced coma for 24 days and became paralyzed. He had to have a tracheotomy to help him breathe after the ventilators failed him.

Guizar spent 90 days in the ICU where he battled pneumonia and one of his lungs collapsed.

This month, he made it out of the hospital but then had to go to rehab for several weeks. Now, he’s finally home.

“I just wanted to give up, just wanted to give up. One of the nurses told me don’t give up. They would say, ‘Pastor Pedro, don’t give u, don’t give up. There’s a miracle coming, they would say to me. You are a win. WE need a win in this hospital,’” said Guizar. ”They want to have a win because they were so tired of people coming in with COVID.”

On Friday. Guizar was met with a hero’s welcome by his fellow church members who prayed for him and encouraged him to hold on when he almost lost hope.

Pastor Pedro – as he’s affectionately called – is 55 years old and has no other medical conditions.

He was surprised he came down with this virus but says he isn’t surprised he was healed of it.

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