BEAST (August 19, 2022)

COGIC Is Mourning The Lost Of Another Leader Dorinda Clark-Cole Shares The News

Our hearts are broken, but we’re still standing strong. Dr. Robert Booker was a soul winner, he was an awesome man of God who will be greatly missed in the kingdom. Please let continue yo pray for his family.

Just as I was preparing & garnering strength to send out a mass “thank you,” this happens. Dr Robert Booker was just here in St Louis this past weekend, supporting my family at my Rachel’s homegoing. He was my Regional President of Region #5 (Southern California) for the Department of Evangelism. I was just thanking him again how he paid for our dinner, when Rachel & I were on our last vacation together. We are weary from all these hits. But, if we have to crawl, we will not be stopped nor defeated. If this was designed to stop us, it’s not going to work. Dr Booker was a soul winner (just as my Rachel was). They would want us to fight on and make it to the finished line. Please pray for the Booker family & continue to pray for me family as well.

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