BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Church Reopen Now They Are Back To Virtual Services Due To COVID Red Zone

As local Kentucky counties are falling into the COVID-19 red zone, churches are adapting their services to keep you safe.

Sunday service at Harrison Street Missionary Baptist church is usually filled with a congregation of 150 sitting in the pews.

This Sunday, those members tuned in via Facebook live. Pastor James Hudson said the church wanted to keep members safe.

“We didn’t want to compromise the safety of anyone,” Hudson said.

Hudson said they’ve switched to virtual services because the congregation has elderly members and other high risk members. Hudson believes the church must make safety a priority.

“What concerns the people has to concern the church,” Hudson said. “So we have to stay abreast with all the things that are happening, so we can arrange our ministry to meet the needs of people.”

Member Donna Fox helps set up the Facebook live services. Fox said while it doesn’t replace the traditional, in-person services, it’s still a good way to safely worship.

“This time, while we’re not able to fellowship with one another, we thank God for the word being spread through Facebook live,” Fox said. “That our members will take the word that’s given to them. And believe you me, hey do listen in and they do tune in.”

Hudson is looking forward to the day when they can all come in for fellowship. For now, the church is focusing on being cautious.

The pastor said virtual services will continue throughout the month of November or longer. The church is also broadcasting their services via radio.

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