BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Church Has Coronavirus Outbreak And Pastor Tells Congregation “The Favor Of God Is On The House”

This pastor has been in the media spotlight since the beginning of the covid19 pandemic. He has called california Governor Gavin Newsome and other politicians, “liberal crazies and satan’. He has not hidden his angry regarding the capacity restrictions and closing of churches.

Pastor Greg has defied all ordinances in california concerning coronavirus and now his church is being deemed a hotspot for covid19.

A former member of the church told ABC10 news that multiple churchgoers have tested positive for COVID19, but Fairrington says he still won’t close his church doors.

On Sunday, Fairrington played that entire news segment for his congregation before celebrating.

If nothing else, just watch the last 30 seconds of the video below, after he plays the clip:

Let me give you the good news… You think that’s bad? That’s good. That’s good. Jesus says, “Blessed are they who persecute you for they say all kinds of evil about you.” I’M BLESSED! I’M BLESSED! THE FAVOR OF GOD IS ON THIS HOUSE! I DON’T CARE WHAT THE HATERS SAY! GOD HAS PUT A JACKET ON ME AND I! AM! BLESSED!

It’s unfortunate that people in his church are dying.

The people that are speaking out are saying they are trying to protect their families and other members. He has deemed them anti-christian, yet people are really dying. During this pandemic we have seen this a lot what are your thoughts?

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