Well, that didn’t last.

Cher called President Trump an “ignorant thug” with a “lizard brain that guarantees his survival above all else” Monday in an attempt to reject praise from the president on her Twitter post in which she implied Los Angeles is overlooking homeless veterans to handle immigration issues.

The 72-year-old pop culture icon and Los Angeles native clarified that she does not agree with Trump’s immigration policies, but that she instead agrees that Democrats “still don’t get it” and that Trump is “playing butcher your enemies” and “create constant mayhem” in the realm of politics.

“I Understand Helping struggling Immigrants,but MY CITY (Los Angeles) ISNT TAKING CARE OF ITS OWN.WHAT ABOUT THE 50,000+Citizens WHO LIVE ON THE STREETS.PPL WHO LIVE BELOW POVERTY LINE,& HUNGRY? If My State Can’t Take Care of Its Own(Many Are VETS)How Can it Take Care Of More,” Cher wrote Sunday afternoon.

Trump responded to the tweet, saying, “I finally agree with @cher.” The president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., also reposted Cher’s tweet to his Instagram account, writing: “Welcome to the Republican Party Cher!!!”

California is home to the highest number of homeless veterans, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Los Angeles has the second largest homeless population in the nation, just below that of New York City.