BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Bishop T.D. Jakes And The Potter’s House Of Dallas Gave Church A New Look

As we continue to see everyone, every company and now churches figure out the new normal during this pandemic Bishop Jakes is a frontrunner in bringing the church up to date.

His Sunday service took on a new look. In the traditional church it would have been the choir stand, but instead there were LED screens full of congregants.

This was none shy of what we are seeing presented in Hollywood on most daytime and night time shows. Bishop Jakes was able to witness immediate responses or as immediate as possible when streaming from his congregants.

I’m sure it has been challenging for Pastors to preach to TV cameras versus the roaring congregations that have been the norm over the years. We are not sure what the process is to attend one of Bishop Jakes virtual services, but it may be an opportunity for those that have desired to attend in the past. This will probably be the norm for his church services and conferences for a while.

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