BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Bishop RA Vernon Did A Video Telling Church If Their Pastor or First Lady Die Prematurely He Would Be There- Pastor Has Now Died

Pastor RA Vernon shot a video wishing this Georgia Pastor and First Lady a happy 14th anniversary. He began to talk to the church about how a spiritual covering covers a ministry.

He stated if one of them died prematurely, he would be there the next day or as soon as he could and he has done so. Very unexpectedly this Pastor has died and left a wife, children and church grieving.

In a million years I don’t think any of them saw this coming. The cause of death has not been shared publicly. Bishop Vernon shared that he and his wife were on a secret getaway when they received the news.

Bishop Vernon preached the funeral. William Murphy sang “Praise Is What I do” and Bishop Timothy McBride navigated the service to keep the time. In a pandemic world the people showed up, yet the church says they took all covid precautions.

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