• A bus plummeted off a bridge in southwest China on Sunday because a woman was punching the driver, who didn’t pull over at her bus stop.
  • Thirteen people died as a result. Two others remain missing and are presumed dead.
  • Security footage shows the woman hitting the driver, who turned and got distracted.
  • Dash cam footage shows the bus veering across two lanes, smashing into the bridge’s security railing, and falling into the river below.

Thirteen passengers died after a bus plunged off a bridge in southwest China on Sunday because a passenger who missed her stop repeatedly hit the driver for not pulling over.

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The single-tier bus fell 50 meters (164 feet) off a bridge over the Yangtze River, near Chongqing city, the BBC and South China Morning Post reported.

It had been carrying 15 people, including the driver, the Associated Press reported. All are presumed dead.

The 48-year-old female passenger hit the elderly male driver twice over the head for not pulling over at her bus stop earlier, Wanzhou district police said, according to the reports.

The passenger was identified as Liu, and the driver as Ran, according to the BBC.

New China TV, a subsidiary of China’s state-run Xinhua news agency, shared the bus’ security tape as well as the incident from a passing car’s dash cam:

Footage inside the bus showed the woman repeatedly hitting the driver, who turned in his seat, shouted, and at one point hit her back.

The dash cam footage later showed the bus swerve across two lanes, plow through the bridge’s safety railing, and plunge into the river below.

Surveillance video from the bus didn’t show what exactly happened to make the bus swerve and crash off the bridge.

Other passengers on the bus were also heard screaming in the background.

yangtze river bus crash
All 15 people on the bus are presumed dead. Here is the bridge from where the bus fell.

Investigators reclaimed the bus from the river bed on Wednesday night.

Two other bodies remain missing and are presumed dead, the Associated Press reported, citing Xinhua.

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